Getty Images Creative Bursary
Definition Future

In an era of extraordinary exception, the future is a blank canvas and through the Getty Images Bursary, we are looking to award the next generation of creative talent who can imagine it.

Getty Images’ mission is to move the world with images, and we believe in this power. Since the inception of the Getty Images Grants program in 2004, Getty Images has donated over $1.7 million to photojournalists and creative photographers, furthering our commitment to the craft of photography and bringing attention to important stories that without funding, may otherwise remain unseen. 

In a time where individuals have little budget for ground‑breaking storytelling that challenges perceptions about the world in today’s digital age, Getty Images wishes to support and nurture emerging creative talent with the financial freedom to pursue projects of personal and journalistic significance. This is the driver behind the Getty Images & iStock Creative Bursary, Definition Future

In an era of extraordinary exception, the future is a blank canvas and through our Creative Bursary, we are looking to award the next generation of creative talent who can imagine what that future may look like. With a seismic shift in all that we take for granted, our world is up for negotiation – the way we live; the way society holds and operates itself; what we expect of those we hold dear; to our expectations of the world’s leaders. The future is open to interpretation, but collectively owned by us all.

The Getty Images & iStock Creative Bursary calls for content that breaks creative and visual boundaries as we forge down this new and unprecedented path the world finds itself on. How this looks is up to the creator – from climate impacts to the political climate, to the changing face of family and personal identity, to the concept of human identity overall ‑ with the world being held to account by future generations. We are looking to the emerging creative community to define this visually with a pioneering approach, inherent optimism, hope and fresh vision. We are seeking ground‑breaking photography, inspiring illustration, or moving short films ‑ we want commercial imagery that describes how we could reshape and redefine the world in which we live.
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Things you should know! 

Prizes and Benefits
Three entries will be selected and awarded as follows:
  • First Place: $10,000 USD
  • Second Place: $7,000 USD
  • Third Place: $3,000 USD
  • Additionally, the successful recipients are invited to license their award‑winning content through, at a 100% royalty rate for imagery created within their proposed project (please see T&Cs for details). You will also receive guidance and mentorship from one of Getty Images’ award‑winning Art Directors, as well as a feature on our Creative Insights website, in addition to promotion on our relevant social channels. Please note, this additional support is not a requirement of the Creative Bursary and choosing to take advantage of this this opportunity is at your discretion.
Rules and Requirements
  • You should be an emerging creator who has not been working professionally for more than five years
  • Must include link(s) to existing portfolio of work online
  • Application should include a 200‑500‑word summary of the proposed project
  • All the required fields indicated on the application found on the Submittable website which is linked on this page
  • The proposals must be in English
  • All submissions must be digital. Prints, books, slides or transparencies or other such materials will not be reviewed by judges nor returned to applicant
  • Please review the Terms & Conditions
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Antwaun Sargent

Critic and Curator
Jimena Acosta
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Polly Irungu

Journalist, Editor, Photographer and Founder 
Henki Leung
Designer and Creative Director
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Deby Sucha

Creative Director and Photographer
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Guy Merrill

Head of Art
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