Winners Announced
Getty Images Creative Grant

Joyful Bodies: 
Celebrating Diversity and Resilience
With Getty Images’ mission to move the world, we are partnering with Verizon and the National Disability Leadership Alliance (NDLA) to promote diversity within creative commercial photography and videography, elevating the work and voices of people within the disability community. The Joyful Bodies: Celebrating Diversity and Resilience creative grant provides financial support and mentorship to artists who are committed to authentically representing members within the disability community, illuminating the vibrant diversity, strength, and beauty of disabled bodies through the lens of joy and empowerment, embracing their unique journeys with pride and grace.
Often in advertising and media, disabilities are often shown as limiting and restrictive. Joyful Bodies: Celebrating Diversity and Resilience challenges entrenched societal norms and misconceptions surrounding disability, while highlighting the everyday moments of happiness experienced by people within the community to shift perceptions around physical beauty and capability. Each photograph serves as a testament to the tenacity and vitality of the human spirit, offering a genuine and unfiltered portrayal of the emotional richness, strength, and sheer joy that permeates the lives of those within the disability community.
This project seeks to unveil the extraordinary diversity within the disability community, spotlighting the myriad ways in which individuals navigate their lives with resilience and determination. By capturing moments of exuberance, self‑assuredness, and triumph, submissions will provide a fresh perspective on the intrinsic beauty that resides within every body.
Through this project, we aim to foster a more inclusive and accurate representation of disability, dismantling barriers of misunderstanding and ignorance. By showcasing the everyday moments of happiness experienced by these individuals, we hope to inspire a greater sense of empathy, compassion, and appreciation for the diverse range of human experiences.
Joyful Bodies: Celebrating Diversity and Resilience is an invitation to celebrate the indomitable spirit that resides within each and every one of us, regardless of the shape, form, or abilities of our bodies. It is a visual testament to the resilience, diversity, and unyielding joy that define the disability community, offering a powerful reminder of the beauty that can be found in every step of life's journey.

Prizes and Benefits

  • One first place recipient: $10,000; one second place recipient: $7,000; one third place recipient: US$3,000.
  • The successful recipients will be invited to license their award‑winning content through and at a 100% royalty rate for imagery created within their proposed project (please see T&Cs for details).  This is subject to you entering into a separate agreement with Getty Images allowing for the distribution of your content.
  • Guidance and mentorship from one of Getty Images’ award‑winning Art Directors, as well as a feature on the Getty Images Creative Insights website, in addition to promotion on relevant Getty Images and iStock social channels. Please note, this additional support is not a requirement of the Joyful Bodies Creative Bursary and choosing to take advantage of this opportunity is at your discretion.


  • Links to existing portfolio of work online.
  • The submission must include: a 200‑500 word summary of the project proposal and an explanation highlighting the everyday moments of happiness experienced by people within the community to shift perceptions around physical beauty and capability through commercial photography and videography.
  • A short biography detailing who you are and what you’ve done. 
  • All the required fields indicated on the application found on the Submittable website.
  • The applications must be in English.
  • All submissions must be digital. Prints, books, slides or transparencies or other such materials will not be reviewed by judges nor returned to applicant.
Susan Freundlich
Development Director,
Maayan Ziv
Founder + CEO,
Megan Henshall
Strategic Lead, Global Event Solutions,
Zachary Bastian
Strategic Alliances Manager,
Dr. Rebecca Swift
SVP Creative Content,
Getty Images